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Engraving and milling machineYMC-8070

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Engraving and milling machineYMC-8070


1 Standard Taiwan Bao Yuan 528 high-speed CNC system, using modular control panel, equipped with USB, RS232 interface and faster 
2 beam column using an integrated structure, improve machine rigidity and stability. Compared with similar products, with excellent roughing capability. (And while maintaining excellent finishing ability) 
3 to increase the beam size, lightweight moving parts to ensure smooth movement quickly
4 using Yaskawa Σ-V high-performance servo motor, the industry has the highest amplifier response and shorten the setting time, enhanced resonance suppression function, auto-tuning function. 
5. optimize the structure and sheet metal design, narrow Overall, saving machine footprint.

Subject unit YMC-8070
X/Y/Z Travel mm 700/800/300
Maximum workbench load kg 600
Bridge Width(Approx) mm 860
Bridge height (Spindle nose to workbench) mm 390
Maximum feeding speed mm/min 6000
Rapid moving speed mm/min XY:15000,Z:7500
Spindle motor power rate kw 5.5
Spindle maximum speed rpm 18000
Spindle taper standard
Gross Weight kg 3500
Power Capacity KVA 12
Input voltage/ frequency V/Hz 380/50
Control system ***
X/Y/Z axis Control resolution mm 0.001
Lubrication system 

Adjustable Automatic Oil Feeder

Counterweight system 

Control System

Dimensions mm 2300*1950*2400

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